home improvement chores

 procrastination is fence installation

When it comes to home improvement chores, one of the major projects that is subject to procrastination is fence installation as this requires preparation, experience and skill, prior to beginning with the technical aspects. It is important that a few questions are dealt with before hiring a fence contractor –are you looking at the functional aspect or the ornamental aspect? What is the soil type of your area? How about weather issues – is the area prone to frequent storms and snowfalls?  Does it have to be located on a flat land or a slope. Here are certain tips you might want to bear in mind about this subject:

  • References

Have you been eyeing that new picket fence your neighbor just got fixed? It might be a relative or a distant friend or also an acquaintance, but it is never a bad idea to find some bits of information about where they got that work done and whether or not they are glad with it. This way you also get to know if the project was accomplished by the specified time or if it was within the estimated budget. You could take more details about the contractor if you’re pleased with all the factors you just discussed and ask about their pricing, warranties and of course their availability.

  • Get Details of Estimates

Once the list for 3 or 4 contractors is finalized, find out their respective estimates. Fix up an appointment with them in order to discuss specific issues such as taking measurements and let them take a glimpse of your property. For instance, if your property has any kind of sloping, you might want the fence to be deeply dug into the ground.

  • Ensure Things are Kept Legal

Once you hire the fence contractor, it does not put an end to your project preparations. It is vital that you obtain the necessary permits from local authorities and ensure that you procure the same before you start breaking the ground.